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Castlepollard Credit Union Ltd.

The Square


Co. Westmeath


Contact Details:-

Phone: +353(0) 44 9661855

Fax: +353(0) 44 9661082




“For People. Not for Profit.”



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Opening Hours

Monday to Wednesday: 4pm – 6pm
Thursday: 10am – 1pm
Friday: 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm


Membership is open to anyone living or working in the ‘Common Bond’, i.e. living or working in the area.

Requirements for membership:
1. - Completed membership application form.
2. - Proof of identity – passport, driving licence.
3. - Proof of address – utility bill, bank statement.
4. - Proof of PPS number - Payslip, medical card, drugs refund card
5. - Membership fee of €1.27. (Note; to be a full voting member, a member must have €6.35 in their account).

Nomination Form

At the time of joining, members are requested to complete a nomination form. On this form, members will nominate a person or persons, usually family members, who will be entitled to any money in the Credit Union which the member has at the time of his/her death. Members can amend their nomination forms at any time.


Castlepollard Credit Union is owned by the members. Every euro a member has in the Credit union is equal to one share. The Credit Union doesn’t make a profit. Surplus income is returned to the members by way of a dividend. The more shares you have, the greater the dividend you will receive.
A member’s savings are secured by the Irish League of Credit Unions through its’ Savings Protection Scheme and also by the Government Guarantee.
A member can withdraw their savings at any time provided they are not pledged as security on a loan.



Special Loan Products

65+ Loans: These loans are available to members which are 65 years of age or over on the date of application for the loan. The interest rate is 6% (APR 6.2%) which is equivalent to €1.15 interest per week per €1000 outstanding on the loan.

Student Loans: These loans are available for education purposes only. The interest rate is 6% (APR 6.2%) which is equivalent to €1.15 interest per week per €1000 outstanding on the loan. Members applying for these loans will require a guarantor and a letter from their college confirming their attendance. Terms and conditions apply to these loans.



Members can apply for a loan by completing a loan application form and submitting it to the Credit Union office. There are many advantages for members in using Castlepollard Credit Union for their loans.
- Very competitive interest rate – currently 9.88% (APR 10.4%). This equates to €1.89 interest per week per €1000 outstanding on the loan.
- Interest is charged on outstanding loan balance only.
- There are no charges or penalties for early repayments.
- Every loan has free Loan Protection Insurance.
- Repayments are scheduled to suit the members’ needs.
- There are no additional charges such as management or set up fees.
- Application procedure is easy.
- There is no minimum loan amount – no loan amount is too small.
- Each loan application is treated in confidence and on its’ merits.
Initial enquiries can be made by phone, email or in the office.

Note(1) : Members applying for a loan may be requested to produce a current payslip, a bank statement or any other documentary evidence which would support their application.
Note(2) : Members applying for a loan may be requested to nominate a suitable guarantor.



Directors 2011

P. Murray, P.J.Morrissey, K. O'Reilly, D.O'Neill, J. Regan, T. Burke, P. McCabe, T. Gannon, J. Higgins, E. Leahy, D. Brennan

Directors 2012

P. Murray, P.J. Morrissey, D. Nally, J. Regan, T. Burke, P. McCabe, T. Gannon, J. Higgins, M. Byrne, D. Brennan, D. Lawlor.

Directors 2013

P. Murray, D.Nally, J. Regan, T. Burke, P. McCabe, T. Gannon, J. Higgins, M. Byrne, D. Brennan, D. Lawlor, N. Heaney.

Directors 2014

P. Murray, D. Nally, J. Regan, T. Burke, S. Doran, T. Gannon, J. Higgins, M. Byrne, N. Heaney, D. Lawlor, D. Brennan.

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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is when the members meet once a year, usually in December, to hear reports on the management of their Credit Union, and to democratically elect members to the Board of Directors who will run the Credit Union for the following year. Regardless of the amount of his/her savings with the Credit Union, each member is entitled to one vote at the AGM. The members also elect a Supervisory Committee to oversee the running of the Credit Union and an Auditor to audit the accounts of the Credit union. Members receive written advanced notification of the AGM each year and are encouraged to attend.

The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU)

The Irish League of Credit Unions is the representative body for Credit Unions and provides a wide range of support services for all affiliated Credit Unions.
The League is administered by a Board of Directors elected at its AGM by delegates from affiliated Credit Unions.

The League organises convenient groupings of Credit Unions called Chapters. Each Credit Union is allocated to a local Chapter of Credit Unions. One or two members from each Credit Union in a Chapter attend monthly meetings of the Chapter. Chapter supports the role of the League and provides an opportunity for the exchange of information among Credit Union personnel. There are twenty-five Chapters and Castlepollard is in Chapter 15.

Car Draw

Castlepollard Credit Union holds twice yearly draws. The first prize in each draw is a car and there are ten subsequent valuable cash prizes. The draw is confined to members and the cost to the participating member is €18 per draw which is deducted directly from their account. At the 2012 AGM, the members voted to change the draw from a car draw to a prize draw.The first draw was held in July 2004 and the following are the winners of the first prize in each draw to date:

Barbara Kenny, Ballynacaragy - 10,000 euro Dec2013

Finola Shanley, Killucan - 10,000 euro - July 2013

Darren Qamar, Collinstown - V.W. Polo - Dec 2012

Martin Griffith & Vicky Crone, Castlepollard-Citroen C3-July2012

David Brennan, Coole - Toyota Yaris - Dec 2011.

Mary Fagan, Whitehall - Renault Clio - July 2011

Caroline Lancaster, Castlepollard - Nissan Micra - Dec 2010

Kathjleen Smyth, Whitehall - V.W. Polo - July 2010

Katie Stringer, Drumcree – Toyota Yaris – Dec 2009

John Mcgowan, Castlepollard – Renault Clio – May 2009

Donal Kenny, Castlepollard – Nissan Micra - Dec 2008

Emer Bruton, Coole – Kio Rio – Aug 2008

Susan Cooke, Collinstown – Nissan Micra – Dec 2007

Ann Bradley, Delvin – Chevrolet Aveo – Aug 2007

Christopher Monaghan, Whitehall – Peugeot 206 – Dec 2006

Seathrum Nuaman & Emma Brown, Castlepollard – Toyota Yaris – Aug 2006

Martin Brennan, Castlepollard – Citroen C3 – Dec 2005

Aisha Keegan, Mullingar – V.W. Polo – July 2005

Finbar McGinty, Coole – Fiat Punto – Dec 2004

Martin Egan, Castlepollard – Renault Clio – July 2004